About Registering and Donating

An Austin Approach to Racing for a Cause

This year Esmeralda's Run is taking a different approach to raising money.  Let the people choose their entry fee...and if they can't come, give them the option to make a donation they are comfortable with. With this in mind, there are a few things you should keep in mind when registering.

    1) You have the option to choose your entry fee or donation amount. Although we suggest certain amounts based on the number of people you are registering, please feel free to give as you see fit.
    2) As you go through the registration process you will eventually be directed to our race beneficiary's website (A Glimmer of Hope).  All race entry fees and donations will be collected here and handled directly by A Glimmer of Hope. 
    3) Race entry fees and donations will be handled in the same manner through the Glimmer of Hope website.  Since you can choose your entry fee or donation, please use the Glimmer of Hope website to complete either type of transaction.

Race Registration