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Race Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me (Brent Werbeck) with any questions you have regarding the race, or if you have any fun ideas for how we can make the race extra special.  We are open to all ideas and would love to hear your feedback!

Brent Werbeck
Race Founder and Son of Esmeralda

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I'm not an experienced runner. How tough is the race?

A:  Although the course for Esmeralda's Run has many hills, walkers and runners of all experience levels participate.  It is not uncommon to be along side a family casually walking the course, as well as some of the most experienced athletes in Austin.  You can choose how hard or easy your race will be!

Q:  Who is the race beneficiary?

A:  All of the proceeds from Esmeralda's Run benefit A Glimmer of Hope's "Camp Glimmer". For more information about Camp Glimmer, click here.

Q:  I don't see a race entry fee, what does this mean?

A:  This year Esmeralda's Run is taking a different approach to raising money.  You have the option of choosing your entry fee.  Although we humbly suggest certain amounts based on how many people you are registering, you are free to give as much or a little as you want.

Q:  Wait, so you are saying I can choose my entry fee to participate?

A:  Yes!  We know its hard, but really can choose your entry fee!  Better yet, 100% of your entry fee or donation will go directly to the race beneficiary.  

Q:  I will not be able to participate in the run, can I still donate?

A:  Absolutely!  If you can’t make it we would love for you to sign up a friend or two.  If that isn’t possible then we would greatly appreciate any type of donation you are comfortable with.  Click here to be directed to our donation page!

Q:  Do I have to register online? Is there race-day registration?

A:  Registering online is highly recommended and will be open up until the race starting horn blows.  Simply follow this link to register online.  If you can’t make it to a computer in time we will have a race-day registration option.
Q:  Is my race entry fee or donation tax deductible?

A:  Yes. A receipt from PayPal will be sent to your email address confirming your race entry or donation transaction.  This will happen after you have been directed to A Glimmer of Hope’s website to complete your transaction.  

Q:  Where is the race located?

A:  Esmeralda's Run is located at the Austin Tennis Academy in Spanish Oaks. Take a look at the bottom of our home page for directions.

Q:  Who can I contact with additional questions?

A:  Please direct all additional questions to me, Brent Werbeck. I can be reached at  Feel free to shoot me an email if there is anything I can help you with, or if you have any fun ideas for the race!