A Message from Esmeralda's Son

A Message from Esmeralda's Son

"My mother, Esmeralda Werbeck, passed away in 2005 after a long, hard fought battle with breast cancer. 
This race is for her, her memory and the beneficiary that she chose in her final days. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we look forward to seeing you at the race!"

- Brent Werbeck, Race Founder and Son of Esmeralda

What: 5k/10k Run with a 1 Mile Fun Walk
Where: Austin Tennis Academy in Spanish Oaks
When: May 5th 2013 at 8:00am
Who: Casual Hikers to Experienced Runners
WhyTo benefit A Glimmer of Hope - Playing for Glimmer Campaign

Esmeralda Werbeck

An Austin Approach to Racing for a Cause...

An Austin Approach to Racing for a Cause

This year Esmeralda's Run is taking a different approach to raising money.  Let the people choose their entry fee...and if they can't come, give them the option to make a donation they are comfortable with.  

What!?!? Where did this crazy idea come from?

Well, it wasn't entirely our idea. We borrowed the concept from the coolest place to do yoga in Austin, Black Swan Yoga (check em' out here). Black Swan Yoga is Austin's premier donation based yoga studio.

Traditionally, fund-raising races have high operational costs that eat into the proceeds of the race...meaning less money for the beneficiaries.  The founders of Esmeralda's Run weren't happy with this and thought, "What if there was a way to direct 100% of the entry fees to the race beneficiary?" 

After thinking long and hard it was suddenly so...SIMPLE!

Eliminate costs by getting rid of all the things most people can live without and give more to the cause!  Who could argue with that?!?!

Race Location - Austin Tennis Academy